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Changing the course of events has always been the utopian desire of all humanity. Here, then, that a casual gesture turns into a ritual, dreams and signs take on divinatory powers, apparently insignificant objects become inseparable adventure companions. Because superstition has remote and very deep roots and believe it or not, the important thing is to run for cover, protect yourself from the underhand evil eye, from that envious and evil gaze that generates disasters.

But what are these catalysts of positive energies capable of annihilating evil influences, or rather, how many are there? Many. Too many to keep them all if we didn't accompany us to the "Portabene". Freely reproduced on the original "cimaruta" - (from top of rue, medicinal plant to which magical powers were attributed). Amulets of the late nineteenth century used against the evil eye - the portabene, in a single apotropaic and propitiatory trinket, enclose what our tradition and our imagination have risen to paladins of our existence. Singular and precious specimens that trap in the nobility of silver, infinite allegories ranging from oriental beliefs to our Neapolitan.

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